MX-record: how does it work?

An MX-record (Mail eXchange-record) is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS). This is the system that, among other indicates to what specific IP address emails need to be sent.

The MX-record contains the host name of the computer(s) that handle the emails for a domain and a prioritization code. Emails are routed through to the IP address which is set in the A-record of the host.

The A-record (or address-record) determines which IP address belongs to a domain name. This record 'translates' the domain name to an IP address.

The mail server is called and, this can be used in the MX-record.

Example of an MX-record:

  • Domain:
  • Mail exchanger:
  • Priority: 10
  • Mail exchanger:
  • Priority: 20

All emails sent to, will be sent to the mail server or and handled per configuration (forward / catch-all / blackhole)

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