How to Create an Family email Domain

Once upon a time ... we create emails like or An email was optional back in the '90s. Today, email communication is a vital form of communication. Imagine how your kid will set up an email?

The main problems regarding email availability are that people rely on free cloud-email services like iCloud, Gmail, Yahoo and more, which are simultaneously serving millions of other users who are competing for the same name combinations. The process of setting up a family email account for your family has been made quicker and easier. Your own private Family email addresses can be an easy way to work around the cloud-email problems and doesn't need to be expensive.

Benefits of a Family email domain

Large (or small) families can benefit from an own family email domain name. It can be a hassle to organize basic events like family reunions, baby showers, Christmas, wedding, ... . I don't need to mention how difficult is to remembering everyone's custom email address. Some of the people use their work email addresses, others have switched from ISP and changed their email address. Who hasn't that uncle with an embarrassing old email address (TheSummerOf69@hotmail.Com)?

A mailbox has to be organized, amongst family emails you receive junk messages or social update emails. Family emails can be easily get lost in a large number of emails.

An great example is the family Scott-Pearson. They are living around the globe with relatives in Canada, Europe, and Asia. People within the family have moved jobs or changed from email addresses. Not everybody is checking their Facebook. Since the family is living around the globe, it is difficult to schedule a conference call since the time zones don't allow us to manage such a call. The solution was the family email domain configured on No one had to re-learn a mailbox and could use the email addresses they used to work with. Email is used within all age groups ensuring young and old can keep in touch.

The benefit of setting up the family email accounts:

  • No one is left behind
  • Email addresses you familiar with
  • Can be used by all age groups
  • Don't need an address book, you can standardize email addresses
  • Easely share photo's ;-)

Email is a master tool for all age groups!

Tips to Standardize Email Addresses

When you grow your family, it is important to assign them a Custom Family Email Address, you can use a format for all other email addresses so that your family members can easily contact you for great family events.

Great examples of standardized family email addresses: or first[initial]@
You may create a naming scheme for individual in your family .
Here are the most common professional email address formats:

  • First name only: john@
  • First initial, last name: ddoe@
  • Full name (first and last): johndoe@

Your Email Display Name

Your family email address is only half the picture. You can also choose a display name that appears in your recipient's inbox when you create a family Custom Email Address.

Here are different approaches to display names:

  • Full name (first and last): John Doe
  • First name and company: John @ Your family

How to start your own Family domain name?

You can sign up for a domain and have a website and dedicated email addresses in a matter of minutes. Check your Family name availability, register the domain name and you are all set. If the family domain isn't immediately available, you may be able to backorder it. The process will notify you when the family email domain name becomes available and then automatically orders it for you.

How to host your own family email addresses

The easiest way to host your email addresses is to register a domain name that will serve as the "base" for all of your email accounts-everything to the right of the @ sign-and pair it with Once you have configured the Email addresses, you are good to go.

How to configure your email forwarding rules

Prerequisite: make sure that your DNS is set up to use the following MX records:



Record Type



@ or leave blank




@ or leave blank




You can verify your settings via . The result of your lookup should be like the screenshot below. screenshot

Log in to your dashboard using the following URL: Click on the registered domain name for which you want to configure the email forwarding rules. You can find your domain name under the "Your Active Products/Services" section.

Active products and services

On the next page, you can see the status of the requested service. Click on "Email Forwarders" to configure your email forwarding rules.

Email forwarders

We do check the MX records on your domain while loading the next page. If your MX records are not configured to use our services, you will see the following message:

MX Configuration check

Reach out to us if you need help with the configuration!

By default, we create email forwarders to the email address you used to register with our service.

You will find 3 options:

3 options Forward - Catch-ALL- Blackhole

Add forwarder

A Pop-up will appear when you click on the "Add forwarder" button. You may add 1 or more destination email addresses.

One destination

One destination email forwarder

Multiple destinations

Multiple destination email forwarder

Add blackhole

When you click "Add Blackhole", you may enter the email address that will be used.

Blackhole email forwarder

Add Catch-All

When you click "Add Catch-All", you may enter the email address that will be used. All emails sent to will be forwarded to your destination email. Mind the spam!

Catch-all email forwarder

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